Panoramic Cameras

Traditional Videoconferencing equipment is expensive, limiting, and often requires support from IT. Altia Systems has solved these issues by creating PanaCast. With its exceptionally clear video and natural human visual perspective, remote participants can see the entire workspace and collaborate as if distance weren’t a factor. It’s easy to use, reliable, and works with everything.

Panacast 2 Camera

With its ultra-wide field of view of up to 180º wide and Panoramic-4K resolution, PanaCast 2 delivers exceptionally clear video with a natural human visual perspective delivered in real-time.
PanaCast delivers a natural video collaboration experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. With an ultra-wide field of view and high resolution video stream, PanaCast gives you a virtual seat at the table. It’s easy to use, portable, and available at a disruptive price point. The perfect solution for Huddle Rooms.


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