Videowall Designer Software

Deploy video wall easily and show any information you want on the big screen! Key advantages of using Polywall: Wide variety of supported content types Hardware agnostic and widely compatible Competitive and transparent pricing Training and certification process with direct technical support.

Polywall Designer

One of the most simple deployment options is to install all Polywall software modules to one standalone video wall controller. This controller has to run Windows and have compatible graphic cards installed. For video walls up to 6 displays AMD Eyefinity or Nvidia cards are a good option. However, for larger video walls specialized graphic cards are recommended such as Datapath or Matrox. Polywall software might be installed on top of existing operating system or preloaded together with Windows Embedded image. Second option is preferable for manufacturers of standalone video wall controllers. So, in this case the only hardware required for the project is Windows-based video wall controller and displays.


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